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Bájate (Download) el Archivo de Excel que contiene todos estos datos de Frases y significados, con este link.  Puedes verlo en Google Drive Excel de Verbos
y Tambien en Dropbox
Este Excel es muy útil para cuando estas chateando, con personas que hablan Ingles, y de repente no te acuerdas de cómo se dice una frase con un verbo, tenerlo abierto y así teclear algo que no te acuerdas como se dice en Ingles, con una búsqueda rapidísima.

Esta es la primera parte de este archivo de Excel

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Verbos con letra G

Gain – (gein),va. s. ganar, ganancia.  
-a definite weight gain sometime – ganar peso
-many people weight gain
-I’m trying to gain at least ten or fifteen pounds

-With experience gained in over 2000 books.

-Racing fans are gaining speed on their favorite drivers.  

Gasp –va.vn.  jadear.

Gather –(gathoer), va.vn. recoger, reunirse.    s. pliegue, plegado.     gathering – s. reunión, asamblea. 
-just to gather some strength

-As we gathered our belongings, they check all the stuff.

-It's normal for us the methodology in gathering and analyzing the interview information.
-in the sense that you have a gathering of people who are wearing uncomfortable clothing.
Gaze – (geiz),vn. mirar con fijeza, contemplar.  s.- contemplación. 
-To be able to gaze the nature.
-If a teacher gazes into your eyes

-Nervously, he gazed around the packed courtroom.

-Now it's almost dark outside and just a while ago Cathy and I were stood by the window gazing across the hills and watching heavy snow falling.

-I lay on the bed gazing out of the window and my bare body relaxed.
-Gazing raptly at her own reflection, Trista marvels at how beautiful she is in dresses and costume jewelry.

Gear – (gir), va. aparejar, equipar, preparar, montar, armar.  vn. engranar.  s.- engranaje, aparejo, adornos.    gearing-s. mecanismo.
-It can gear us up to meet a challenge – puede prepararnos para enfrentar un desafío
-Supplex ® and nylon have made workout gear comfortable for years.

-Lynn and I head back down the mountain in low gear, and back to Connie's for a tremendous
-The discharge process slips into high gear.  I go to the nurse’s station and pick up the bill for my discharge meds.
-The anesthetist Dr. Ogilvy arrived, dressed in his red bikers gear!. Compared to the other doctors about the place he looked young and hunky.

-Magazines geared toward teenage girls generally turn an interview into an opportunity

Get – va. obtener, conseguir.  vn.llegar, ponerse, hacerse, introducirse, meterse.  [ p.got – pp.got, gotten ].
-You can always get what you can.
-Who did you get the papers from? – De quien obtuviste los papeles

-she got really angry at me.
-When I got there they didn't have a room ready yet, so I went shopping.  -   cuando conseguí llegar ahi
-it looks like you’ve got all the help you need

-She got so nervous

-It’s getting pretty rowdy in here – esta poniéndose aquí muy alborotado (ambiente)

Give – va. dar, donar, otorgar.     vn. dar libremente, ser dadivoso.  s.- acción de dar.    [ p.gave – pp.given].
-From the start to give rise to life and mind.- Modal  (to give rise to) –dar lugar a, causar, ocasionar
-America gives you opportunity.

-My father never gave food to anyone.
-those given by the National Education.   – Aquellos dados

-The CDC recommends not giving the vaccine to pregnant women

Glance – (glaens), va. mirar.  vn. dar un vistazo.   s.- mirada, vistazo.
-Glance down the road,
-Whoever gets home first knows at a glance what to start cooking.
-frequent, quick glances at the rear – view mirror make a fine exercise.

- I glanced at it for a while until I began feeling hungry.

Glaze – (gleiz), va.- satinar, barnizar, poner vidrios a una ventana, glasear   s.-superficie lisa y lustrosa, barniz, esmalte.
-Underneath the snow, an inch of ice glazed the interestate. - cubierto de hielo en la interestatal. 

Glimpse –(glimps), va. vislumbrar.    s- ojeada, vistazo.
-Soon I get the first glimpse of myself:
-Sometimes it can induce, not just a pratfall, but a brief glimpse of another, stranger, world.

-Her heart skipped with excitement as she glimpsed The Royal Foundation of St. Katharine from the train window and her smile broadened.

Gloss – va.lustrar, pulir.   s.-lustre, brillo, barniz.

Glow – vn. brillar.   s.- brillo.             glowing – a. resplandeciente.
-we hope our treatments will help you bloom and glow with the inner confidence that comes from knowing you have got it right.

-I think you probably have a well-balanced diet- and glowing skin.
-They described in glowing detail how they had become nerds
-I kept showing her the glowing testimonials though, and kept telling her how much happier I’d be afterwards.

-Glowingly relating remarkable results that she wrote in 1975.

Go- (gou), va. ir.    vn.ir, irse, andar.   s.-moda, energía, empuje, giro, marcha.  [ p.went – pp.gone ].
-and that I should go back to the original surgeon.
-If an out-of-network doctor is used their costs go up to 50 percent.
-And I go about my apparently dull little life, clacking away on my laptop and sipping my latte.
-June 30th before he goes on vacation.
-and the van goes by and does not stop.- y la van sigue y no se detiene.
-And if their research goes on to show that laughter produces
-but it goes against his principles.

-And before you know it, another day’s gone by.- otro día se ha ido.

-the coffee pot is always going and there are usually two or three different kinds of home-baked pies and cakes to satisfy the sweet tooth.
-if you're going to have an epidural anesthetic.
-On Thursday, July 6 I tried going straight to the #3, but it hurt a lot
-Yes, that's going to be the basis for what you decide on it because it's easier to write authoritatively if you are familiar with the subject.
-It’s going to be very interesting

Grant – (graent), va.otorgar, conceder, ceder un título de propiedad.     s.- donación, dádiva, concesión.
-I grant you a few moments

-People take water for granted.
-All of the foregoing rights are granted without any restrictions, - Todos los precedentes derechos
-Jones and U.S. agency that granted Molten $280 000 to help finance its study.

-What is the most important right granted to U.S. citizens?- cual es el derecho mas importante que se le otorga a un ciudadano Americano?

-In granting the foregoing rights.

Grasp – va. comprender, apoderarse de.   vn.agarrarse fuertemente. s.- comprensión, usurpación, agarre.      grasping-a. codicioso.
-Abstract ideas were hard for him to grasp.
-they fail to grasp a simple truth.
-Thus they simply cannot grasp how much their lives could be improved by FFS.
-Hence my small attempts to spread the truth rather than feed the frenzy of dis and miss information for what reason I still cannot fully grasp.

-I grasped Cathy's hand very hard again not knowing that I was actually crushing her delicate fingers,

Grill –(gril), va. asar en parrillas, interrogar severamente.  s.-parrilla, alimento asado en parrillas.
-You need to grill this person,

-I had grilled smoked haddock, yoghurt, toast/marmalade and tea for breakfast,
-Evening Dinner: - Grilled fish again!
-For lunch I had... yes, you guessed grilled plaice and melon with fruit, also ice cream too.
-They grilled me like a hamburger, it was like the Inquisition.

Grind- (graind), va. triturar, moler.  vn. hacer molienda, rozar, pulirse.    s.- molienda.
-Instead the grind of the daily routine that is essential for a speedy, healthy recovery is wearing down on me or wearing on me.
-Occasionally, a snippet of a discussion will filter itself out from the background noise of coffee grinders, rustling newspaper pages and ceaseless mumbling.

Grow – va. cultivar, criar.   vn. crecer.     [p. grew – pp.grown ].   growing – s.cultivo.   grown–a. crecido, desarrollado.   growth –s.crecimiento, desarrollo. 
-As our relationship grew we agreed that he would go with me and help me when I finally saved enough to obtain my goal.

-It’s amazing how we’ve grown to understand one another.

- Now growth comes to annual fruition,
- the stability essential for growth.

- and a growing number of patients
-the number of hungry people is growing faster.
-Now a growing consensus among astronomers.
-Antibiotics are medications that either kill bacteria or stop them from growing.

-To help you, be absolutely sure your family’s growing financial needs aren’t outgrowing your coverage,

Grumble – vn.gruñir, quejarse.   s.-regaño.

Guarantee –(gaeranti), va. garantizar.   s.- garantía.    (también es  Warranty).
-He said he could not absolutely guarantee me success but that he would guarantee me no harm to my voice.
- Advise us of arrival information and hotel requests promptly so that we can confirm and guarantee accommodations.
-Your deposit will guarantee that the surgeon's fee will not change for your original surgery date.
-with no guarantees of success.

-solemnly guaranteed by constitutions.
-Telephone 800-424-9098. If needed, anonymity is guaranteed.

-They worked to help get a federal law passed guaranteeing every child an education.

Guess – va.vn. adivinar, acertar.  s.-conjetura, suposición, adivinación.
-Well. I Guess even I don’t know everything 
-My guess is, it’s how they do it over in Japan.
-But I think I’m safe in guessing that our next guests don’t celebrate Christmas.

-Perhaps he guessed.

Guide – (gaid), va.s. guiar, guía.  guidance – s. guía, gobierno, conducta.
-This included nurses and counselors, guided by formerly homeless people. 

-To write more poetry and to guide the explorers to safer ground.

-in charge of guiding the next generation – a cargo de guiar la sig. generación.

-          Since the guidance modo is not impaired,


miércoles, 26 de febrero de 2014

Verbos con letra F

Face – (feis), va.  enfrentar, afrontar.  vn. volver la cara, dar, mirar hacia.  s.-cara, apariencia, superficie.
-Hey, let's face it,
-you will need to face and come to terms with them and let them go.
-They are going to have to face some reality checks if they wish to continue.

-She found herself faced with this visitor.
-Wheeler faced mandatory retirement from teaching.  (John Wheeler)
-Hurewitz seldom spoke to his wife about the surgical risks he faced,

-You may be facing a divorce and custody battle.
-Discipline is simply facing something you don't like to do and doing it anyway.
-The rooms facing the street probably have more light, but possibly at the cost of the silence I enjoyed in my room.

-Ask for an Eastmoreland hospital room facing the gardens.

Fade – (feid), va.  marchitar, descolorar.  vn. descolorarse, marchitarse.  fading –s. apagamiento, disminución gradual.
-After all, they can be bleached, and washed and washed, because white never fades.
-These symptoms tend to be minor and fade away.- se desvanecen
-As the mountains fade behind me, I think the new challenges that lie ahead will not be so great after this.
-I start to hear a ringing in my ears, and my vision begins to fade.
-but then they may be successfully bleached with fade creams.

-I was feeling faded away and I was in no pain at all and able to sleep again.

-The temporary fading – el temporal apagamiento

Fail – (feil), va. dejar, abandonar.  vn. fallar, consumirse, fracasar, frustrarse.   failing –s. decadencia, defecto.   
-Those who fail to provide all three items will not be considered.
-It's easy to fail to set clear new goals and seek new horizons.
-and our bodies fail to relax.
-You will fail with this attitude.

-When her mother failed to protect her
-A review of the literature has failed to turn up a single article on the hazards,
-but I failed to mention my errands had taken me to San Francisco and back.
-His attempt for a telecommunication link to the central computer failed.

-you will minimize your chances of failing in your transition,

Fall – vn. caer, caerse,  disminuir, decrecer.  s.- caida, bajada.  [ p. fell  - pp. fallen ].   falling –[ participio activo ]caída.   s-. caída, baja, disminución.
-Do you fall into that category?
-The only surgeons I know of fall into two categories:
-The following days fall into a pattern: reading, naps, channel-surfing, and writing up material.
-My hair falls totally differently now, too. The longest hair in front barely reached my mouth before

-just like a fallen tree.

-but a spectrum with most people falling closer to one end or the other.

-There are clouds in the sky, and rain is falling.

Favor – (feivor), va.   agraciar, hacer un favor, preferir.   s.-favor.
-she does not receive written recommendations in favor of such procedures
-It’s not an exaggeration to say that our daughter favors this book over any toys.
-I favor the efficiency of resistance exercises.
-a drug which is not in favor today.

-Favored over any toys.

-This is for information on confidential bids to favored vendors of small hardware items.

Fear- (fir), va. vn. temer.  s.- temor, miedo.
-I suspect it is a fear of rejection by a person I do not want to be rejected by.
-we are so bulletproof that we can go in without any fear.
-Still, in spite of fear, shame and guilt so many of us choose to be true to ourselves.
-Today, I choose to let go of fears, shame and guilt I feel about who I am.

-Particularly because he feared the effect of smoke.

-and the feared portrayed as a powerful gang

Feed – (fid), va.vn. alimentar, nutrir.   s.-comida  [ p. pp. fed].  feeding-s. alimentación, pasto, cebadura, alimento.  a.- alimenticio.
-We are like hungry baby birds who cannot feed ourselves.
-Give the baby tea after each normal feeding so as not to interfere with nursing or formula intake.

-We need to provide a balanced feeding program appropriate

Feel – (fil), va.sentir, percibir, tocar. vn. sentirse.  s.-tacto, sensación.      feeling – s. tacto, sensación.  
-it makes you feel beautiful
-I just don’t feel very well, I should go home
-What can I say-you have to experience it to understand what it feels like.
-Please feel free to write. I do read all of my mail and I love looking at pictures too...so send one if you can!
-Lightly exfoliate the skin and after a while it feels softer.
-You don't have to buy me presents, but if we date, you should make me feel appreciated.

-tell him, how you’ve been feeling.
-Imagine feeling the warmth
-The town has a population devoid of religious feeling.-  de sentimiento religioso
-That feeling is dangerous.
-we can talk in the morning, when we are both feeling better.
-Phill visits his doctor after weeks of not feeling well.

-I went from feeling like a Super Mom to feeling like a Pooper Mom.

Feign – va.vn. fingir, pretender, aparentar.

Fetch – va. traer, conseguir, ir a buscar.   vn. moverse, menearse, llegar.  s.- acto de ir, tirada, treta, alcance. 
-Fetch me that book
-She gives all the patients thoughtful little gifts, she'll fetch things for them, and generally she acts like a mom.
-Cathy went to fetch my previous partner from the station and at 11:15 my other friend arrived with a bunch of flowers.

-Toby was assisted by Mike who fetched things, and Jenn who helped him out.

Fight – (fait), va.   [no es de los con -get-], pelear, combatir.   s.- lucha, combate.  [ p. pp. fought].  fighting-a. aguerrido, agresivo, luchador.
-Ms. Sparks said she planned to fight for the acceptance of people like her in the larger society.
-because they said my insurance would probably not pay for this procedure ( I'm going to submit the bills and fight them if they won't! )

-he has fought back against the trend,

-You can try fighting injustice in hopes of changing the world.

-I've been fighting with poor targeting for more than a couple of months now.

File – (fail), va. archivar, registrar, anotar, protocolar.      s.- registro, archivo.
-He later called me, since she filed for divorce from cheating husband Ryan Philippe -
-She filed a human rights complaint alleging she had been discriminated against on the ground of'sex'.
-related to use of the Service or to the Terms of Service must be filed within one (1) year after such claim or cause of action arose or be forever barred.
-Jennifer Middleton tells us about the case she filed in federal court on behalf of a man in

Fill- (fil), va. llenar, rellenar.     vn. llenarse.    s.- hartazgo, abundancia.   filling- a. de llenar, que llena, relleno.
-I had forgotten to fill my prescriptions.
-I fill the jug with warm water to dissolve the contents,
-but we've also reproduced the questions below as a form which you can fill in, in case you prefer doing it that way.

-Paul picked me up and took me to Walgreens to get some prescriptions filled on the way to Eastmoreland Hospital,
- I'm filled with so much various emotions about it all.
-The truck filled with 127 penguins breaks down on the highway.

- nuts and olive oil are more filling than other foods.

-and indeed the USA has banned them. A variety of other fillings are now available: saline is of course totally safe but may not have a very natural 'feel'    - implants

Finance -(finaens), va. financiar.  s.- ciencia de finanzas.   financing- s. financiación, financiamiento. 
-We need about some advice on how to finance exports. – financiar exportaciones.
-Finances being very tight, I was allowed to pay the additional $350 when I got to the office in person.

-Does he offer financing?

Find –(faind), va. encontrar, dar con, hallar.   s.-hallazgo, descubrimiento.     finding –s. hallazgo.
-I find it much more attractive when people are a little overweight
-    The findings show – Los descubrimientos muestran
-Peterson found an enzime that I could use if needed.
-he found it incredible
-A 2002 survey found that only 4.5 percent of female college freshmen.
-In marriage, being the right person is as important as finding the right person.

-more interested in finding a good actor

Finish -  va.vn. acabar, terminar.   s.-fin, término.        
-After I finish telling you my story, I’m going to use it.

-and after you finish reading an issue
-and finish her speech for her – y terminar su discurso por ella

-no games before finishing homework or dinner or some other activity.

Fire-(fair), va. incendiar, despedir empleados, descargar, animar, cauterizar.  vn. encenderse, disparar, enojarse.  s.-fuego.
-Seeking legal advice should be done as a way to avoid being fired.
-I could recover somewhat before being discovered and eventually getting fired, it was still just not in the budget.
-claiming the cashier was fired for just cause because of cash-register discrepancies.

-There may be no way to prevent a boss from firing you.

Fish – va.vn. pescar.   s.-pez, pescado.
 -Hunt or fish with the ultimate field rig.
-Whether watching fish or listening to another person.
-and when he arrived to find mountains where he could hunt and lakes where he could fish,

-who was on his way to Alaska to go fishing with his brothers.
-The sutures are as thick has heavy fishing line.

Fit – va. ajustar.   s.- ajuste, encaje, adaptación.
-and of how things fit together.
-It fits in virtually any garage.
-He looked like he’d fit with us.- el se veía como si el encajara con nosotros

-but clothing did and does fit differently.
-and the picture should fit nicely on even a 640x480 screen size.
-If you're not a physically fit and mentally stable person,
-does not necessarily fit current cultural gender stereotypes to our family or peers requires daring.

-figuring out which of our ad types is the best fit for your website can be a challenge.

Fix –(fix), va. fijar, arreglar.  vn. establecerse,  solidificarse.   s.- apuro, aprieto.   fixing – s. fijación, acción de TO FIX.
-Fix it.- arreglarlo
-and will do their best to fix any temporary problems

-He assured them that this can be fixed.
-Fixed costs 11,840.00    Best money I've ever spent in my life.

-It was like fixing something that was a minor annoyance for me.

Flee – (fli), va. huir, escapar.    vn. fugarse.   [ p.pp. - fled ].
-The total amount was one million refugees who had fled. 
-Let those in Judea begin fleeing to the mountains. 

Fling –va. arrojar, tirar. vn. lanzarse, saltar, alborotarse.  [p.pp. – flung].  S.-tiro  

Flip- va. lanzar, soltar, tirar con un movimiento peinando.  vn. moverse a sacudidas.  s. -salto.
-I pause by the entrances to the bathrooms, pull a coin out of my pocket, and flip it.

-A smooth style that flipped out at the ends.

-They’ve all flipped for star hairstylist Frederic fekkai’s new makeup line.

Flush– va.vn. sonrojar.    s.- rubor, sonrojo.
-It turned out that having the warm bath had heated me up and I had a hot flush.
-It’s really comfortable, and you can flush it. Perfect.   

-When I came into work today, someone had flushed a toilet.

-It is important that I drink a lot of fluid to keep the body flushing out all the drugs.

Fly – (flai), va.vn. volar.  [ p. flew – pp. flown],   fly-s. mosca.     Fly-s. vuelo.  flying -a. volador, volante, veloz.
-Should you be coming in by air, you’ll fly into a very tiny airport in Appleton.
-But the time just flew by, and afterward
-metal chunks and tire fragments flew,
-Christiana and her daughters flew to Nigeria

-Psychologically, I feel very uplifted now that I am flying home.

-          The ultimate flying machine may be neither bird nor plane,

Focus –(foukas),  va.vn. enfocar.   s.- foco, distancia focal.    focusing-s. enfoque. 
-My text updates will try to focus on the psychological, social, and physical realities
-One technique of interest is that although the focus is on the female system,
-I then had to waste my time confirming that none of the sites had changed their focus so that the ring didn't have any problems.
-and said that although many cases had that focus, another focus of human rights legislation is to protect the weaker from the stronger,
-I plan to keep the site focused just on factual matters that I know firsthand.
-They focused on the"facts" that I was perverted, would never be accepted by society,

-I tried to read to amuse myself, but I had trouble focusing on the printed page.
-I urge everyone to lay out a similar plan for transition, focusing on what's most important to you.

-of the lens that makes focusing close up

Fold- (fould), va. doblar, plegar.    vn. doblarse, plegarse.   s.-doblez.      folding-a. plegadizo.    s.-plegado, doblamiento.
-the redesign which widened all of the pages to pull more content up above the fold & I changed all of the 728x90 ads back to a 336x280
-I gave up the idea, folded it away and stood up.

-Keep shelves tidy by rolling kid’s T-shirts instead of folding- en vez de doblados

Follow – (falou), va.vn. seguir, ir detrás, perseguir.              following –a. siguiente, próximo.
-In the hours that followed, after the end of that month. - en las horas que siguieron
-So it was Friday before I follow your instructions. 
-follow your doctor’s instructions carefully.
-followed by her troupe.

- The following might be of help.

Forbid –(forbid), va. prohibir.  [ p. forbade - pp. forbidden ].  forbidding-a. prohibitivo.
-The house voted 241 to 187 to forbid the Army to spend another dollar.
-He forbade the use of guns, in order to maintain the peace in town. 

-As women were sometimes forbidden to sing in Church,

Force - va. forzar, violentar.  s.- fuerza, energía.  forcing- s. forzamiento.
-The budgets are forcing some people to work longer hours.
 -he forced us into the trunk.
-The restaurant owner, forced to choose between he and she.
-One immigrant was forced to have sex with dozens of men each day at a massage parlor   - salon de masaje.

Forecast –(forkaest), va.vn. proyectar, trazar, prever.  s.- pronóstico.  [ p. pp. forecasted ].

Forget –va.vn. olvidar, olvidarse de.   [ p. forgot - pp. forgotten ].
-The key is to forget about food, says Keith Bellows.
-He’d known the Captain all his life and sometimes forgot to call him sir.
-She had almost forgotten about it.

Forgive -(forgiv), va. perdonar, dispensar. [p. forgave – pp. forgiven  ].   forgiving-a. perdonador.
-I can forgive them for wanting to get back onto familiar ground.
-WE will never forgive him for what he willfully did to us.
-Forgive me if my question causes any offense as it is in now way meant too,

-I always forgave him.

Forgo –(forgou), va. renunciar a, abandonar.  [p.forwent – pp.forgone].
-Chew your food thoroughly and forgo late-night snacks. 

Forsake – (forseik),va.  dejar, abandonar, desertar, desamparar.  a.- abandonado, desamparado.  [ p. forsook – pp. forsaken ].

Forward- (forward), va. reenviar, transmitir, fomentar, activar.    adv.- adelante, hacia adelante, mas allá.    a.-delantero, precoz, adelantado.  s.- delantero.
-Even after coming forward, Madrazo said, she was left alone with the same guard
-It was a weekend that she was very much looking forward to.
-Jay came forward and they exchanged a big hug. It was a true homecoming. She knew she had arrived.
-A chain of souls, moving ever forward, holding tight as they helped each other along the way.
-It keeps her "looking backwards" instead of "forwards".
-and the non profit Mrms foundation will forward the donation for you.
-but the hospital forwarded them to my home address

-Taking messages and forwarding calls to the appropriate extensions.

Free –(fri), va.  libertar, librar.     adv.- libremente, gratis.      a.- libre, liberal.
-He is free to pursue his guiding principle.
-There’s something so freeing about laughing with someone. 

-grabbed one of the men and freed the girl
-It freed him from the classical habit of studying other grammars as variations of Latin.

-          spandex allows freedom of movement

Freeze – (friz), va.vn.  helar, garapiñar, estancar.  [ p.froze – pp. frozen].  freezing –a. congelante, glacial.   s.- congelación.
-Knowing also that a person who breathes through his mouth can freeze his lungs. 

-You stand frozen in your tracks

-I was frozen with fear.

Fry – (frai), va. freír.   vn. freírse.  (pl. fries )   s. fritada, frito, fritura.
-He was frying marshmallows with two wieners. 

Fulfill – va. cumplir, llenar, colmar, realizar.
-He saw his young wife fulfill the duties and cares.
-and should not be used to fulfill this criterion
-if the patient and therapist have fulfilled the requirements
-We may believe that our true nature won’t be fulfilled until we find a soul mate.

-If any questions arise as to your fulfilling the requirements, we request you be evaluated locally by the staff of the Los Angeles